Correcting A Smile With Braces And Veneers

Are you ready to do something about your smile that is not as perfect as it could be? If so, you have some options to fix it. Two common procedures used to fix your teeth are braces and dental veneers. Here is what you need to know about both of these procedures so you can decide which one is best.

Using Braces

The reason you would want to use braces is if you need to adjust where each tooth is positioned in your mouth. It will require putting metal brackets on each tooth that are connected with a wire, and then slowly shifting the teeth over with tension. One of the nice things about using traditional metal braces is that they are able to make major corrections to your teeth and move them into positions that you did not think were possible. For example, if you were unfortunate enough to have a tooth that is growing behind another tooth, your dentist can figure out how to slowly shift the teeth into the proper position.

Invisalign is a treatment that is sometimes used for small adjustments that need to be done to your teeth. You may have gaps between your teeth that you want to close up, but otherwise have teeth that are relatively straight. Invisalign can help make those adjustments without needing to have the braces placed on your teeth.

Using Veneers

What makes veneers unique is that they are thin porcelain shells that attach to the front surface of the teeth. They simply cover up those imperfections rather than change the position or shape of the teeth themselves. This makes veneers a great choice for anybody that has a large gap between two of their front teeth that they want to close up, or teeth that are spaced out a bit too much that simply need to be closer together.

Veneers do have a lifespan of between 7 and 20 years, so there will come a point where they must be replaced. The reason that replacement is necessary is due to how veneers are installed. In order to make room for that thin layer of porcelain, a layer of enamel must be shaved off the surface of the teeth. If the veneers become damaged and fall off, you must have them replaced or else the surface of your teeth will be exposed. While veneers are a quick fix to cosmetic problems, they will require maintenance over the years if they break down prematurely.

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