Things To Know About Pediatric Orthodontics

As a child grows up, he or she begins to lose baby teeth so they can be replaced by the adult ones that grow in. Missing and gapped teeth at a young age isn't usually a big concern for young children, but the problem can become stressful as your child grows up and reaches school age. For example, the gaps in a child's teeth can interfere with him or her enjoying school if other children make fun of them. If you have noticed that your child has gaps between his or her teeth that seem to be moving further apart, a visit to an orthodontist might be a wise decision. Basically, an orthodontist can discuss the placement of braces on your child's teeth to bring them closer together and then perform the procedure.

The Discussion During the First Visit

Several things will be discussed when you initially take your child to visit an orthodontist about braces. You will be asked about any oral health problems that your child currently has or experienced in the past. The orthodontist will also take a look at your child's teeth, including the gums and other areas of his or her mouth. Based on the manual examination, the dentist will get an idea of the treatment plan that your child might need. He or she will let you know what treatment is expected to cost and what your payment options are.

Resolving Underlying Conditions

An appointment will likely be set for your child to undergo an X-ray, as the condition of his or her jawbone must be examined. If your child has weak or damaged jawbones, the orthodontist might suggest other methods for closing up the gapped teeth. The next step in your child's journey to getting braces will involve treating underlying conditions, such as gingivitis and other common problems. If there are no underlying conditions found, the orthodontist might proceed to place separators on your child's to prepare for the placement of braces.

Getting Braces Put On

Getting braces put on will involve the installation of brackets and rubber bands. You will then be responsible for bringing your child back to the clinic based on a schedule that is set by the orthodontist. The purpose of the visits will be to get the bands adjusted, as they must be tight in order for your child's gaps to close properly. Expect the overall process of closing the gaps to be slow, but the results will be satisfactory.

To learn more, contact a pediatric orthodontist.