Braces For Correction Of Bite Problems

When teeth are not properly aligned and have large gaps, numerous problems can occur that are not easy to cope with. A common problem that people have when suffering from such oral health conditions is the inability to chew food the right way. For example, someone might have to chew food in a specific area of their mouth if there are teeth that are excessively crooked or too far apart. Depending on the severity of the bite problems, an orthodontist can possibly correct it by placing metal braces on your teeth. However, it is sometimes necessary to perform other types of treatment along with metal braces placement.

An X-Ray & Manual Examination

As the standard with all dental appointments, an orthodontist will manually exam your teeth when you make an appointment to discuss metal braces placement. They will look for crowding, crookedness, gaps, and how your top and bottom teeth are aligned. During the same visit or during a scheduled appointment in the future, the orthodontist will want to take x-rays of your jawbones. The x-rays can be used for determining how your jaws are aligned, as well as if they are strong enough for metal braces to do their job without major risks involved.

Preparation for Metal Braces Placement

Preparing to fix teeth via placement of metal braces can be different for each individual. For example, if you don't have gum disease, you won't have to be treated for it beforehand as with those who have it. If you do have gum disease, taking antibiotics for a brief period might be the only treatment that is necessary to get rid of the condition. Any additional preparation will depend on the specific types of oral health conditions that you have. After everything has been treated, the orthodontist will place spaces between any of your teeth that are too close together, as they will need to be slightly separated in preparation for the remainder of the procedure for braces.

The Metal Braces Treatment Process

One thing to prepare for is a long process before treatment via metal braces is complete. Basically, you will have to wear brackets and rubber bands on your teeth for a long time so your teeth can be corrected in a safe manner. The key is for your teeth to slowly move closer together and straighten up during the process. You might have to wear braces for a couple of years, but it can be less time depending on the specific bite problems that the orthodontist has to correct.

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