3 Things To Know About Partial Dentures For Tooth Replacement

If you have two or more missing teeth and are tired of living with these gaps, you could visit a dentist to find out about the available treatment options dentists offer. There are three main options for replacing missing teeth, and one of the most popular ones is partial removable dentures. Here are several facts to know about partial dentures, including what they are and the reasons people choose these over other choices.

The Basics of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are unique compared to the other two options, and there are several features that make them different. The first is they are removable, while the other options are not. Partial dentures are made up of several parts. The first is artificial teeth, and a set can have multiple teeth attached to it. The teeth are attached to a base, which is made of acrylic or another material. The set also contains clasps on it that help keep them in place.

A dentist custom-makes partial dentures to fit inside your mouth perfectly. When you put them in, it looks as though you have a full set of teeth. When you remove them, you can see the gaps where your teeth are missing.

The Benefits They Offer

You can reap some benefits by choosing partial dentures over other options, and the first benefit is the cost. If you compare the cost of these to other options, you will find that this is likely the most affordable option to choose from. The second benefit is that the procedure is noninvasive. It is not difficult to get dentures made for you. You will not need any teeth to be pulled, and it will not hurt at all.

The Reasons People Choose Them

People often choose partial dentures for the benefits they offer, but also for the speed. You can get a set of partial dentures very quickly. There is very little wait time. When you get measured for them, you can probably have your set within a week or two, and there is no other tooth-replacement option that is faster. Additionally, they are easy to get accustomed to. Within days of getting them, they will feel normal in your mouth.

You can choose partial dentures to replace your missing teeth, or you could evaluate other choices. Contact a dental clinic, like Nova Premier Dental, to schedule an appointment if you are ready to learn more about tooth-replacement products.