Fact Check About Laser Teeth Whitening: What To Do And Expect

Over the last few years, laser teeth whitening has continued to soar in popularity, becoming one of the most preferred teeth whitening methods. It's a quick procedure, removes hard stains that other whitening treatments may not, and produces long-lasting results..

These advantages are common knowledge. What you may not know, but need to consider before choosing laser teeth whitening, include the following.

It Costs More

Laser teeth whitening costs significantly more compared to other whitening treatments. The good news is that the procedure is highly effective, and in some cases, only one session is what it takes to achieve the desired results.

Follow-Up Sessions May Be Necessary

Some patients only require a single laser whitening session. However, depending on factors such as the shade of white you want to achieve, the extent of your discoloration and the cause of the discoloration, among others, one session may not be enough.

As the circumstances demand, you may need to go in for one or more repeat sessions after the initial one. You will also have to schedule top-up sessions after six months or so, depending on how long the results of your laser teeth whitening procedure last.

Potential for Tooth Sensitivity

Laser teeth whitening is quite an intensive procedure. With this intensity comes the risk of developing sensitivity after the treatment. The sensitivity can range from some mild discomfort and irritation to varying levels of pain.

Ensure you let your dentist know if you have tooth sensitivity. Proper management protocols will be put in place. That said, any sensitivity after the procedure will subside and disappear with time, but this can be sooner rather than later with proper management.

Stick to a Qualified Dentist

You will find kiosks in malls offering laser teeth whitening. While the lower cost and the convenience of being right there for a walk-in compared to setting an appointment at the dentist's office may seem so attractive, think again.

It's more than likely that whoever will be performing the procedure at these kiosks is not a licensed dentist. You may not get the level of pre- and post-op care that you need, not to mention the uncertainties of leaving the procedure to anyone but a qualified expert.

Knowing what to expect with laser teeth whitening will ensure you make an informed decision about whether it is for you. You can talk more about this during your consultation with the dentist.