Dental Implants: See Why They Are An Excellent Dental Restoration Option For You

If you have lost a tooth, a gap has been left behind. Dentists do not recommend leaving gaps in your mouth for various medical reasons. First, the gaps leave the other teeth exposed and increase your chances of getting cavities. Second, the gums and jawbone recede progressively in the absence of teeth. If you have several missing teeth, you might even look like your face has collapsed.

One of the best ways to handle this problem is by using dental implants. They are an excellent dental restoration option for the following reasons.

They Resemble Natural Teeth

A dental implant has three parts. The first part is a titanium screw that corresponds to the root of a natural tooth. The dentist installs this part in the jawbone during the first part of the procedure. When the root is in place, they'll next install an abutment that corresponds to the neck of the natural tooth. In the final stage of the procedure, the dentist installs the crown. The crown covers the rest of the implant and makes it possible for the patient to use it as they would a natural tooth. You cannot visually tell the difference between an installed dental implant and natural teeth. Even the oral hygiene needed for implants is the same as caring for your natural teeth. 

They Last a Lifetime

There are many other options available when it comes to replacing missing teeth. However, not all of them are as reliable as dental implants. For example, bridges are quick and efficient, but they involve altering neighboring existing teeth. Installing implants only requires that you have a healthy bone density. Even if you have a weak jawbone, you can improve it before the implantation process. When a competent dentist handles the implantation process, the implants will last a lifetime. 

They Prevent Loss of Bone

The jawbone needs constant pressure from the teeth to regenerate. When you fail to offer this pressure, you increase the chances of the bone degenerating. Low bone density will eventually lead to a collapsed jawline. However, this kind of jawbone degradation will stop when you get dental implants.  Other restoration and tooth replacement procedures don't provide this advantage. Receiving implants will allow you to resume the natural use of your jaw for several decades.

If you are in need of a tooth replacement procedure like receiving dental implants, get a competent dentist to assess your missing teeth and determine whether you qualify for them. If you are eligible, their advantages are worth the cost and procedure.