Three Good Reasons To Get Your Kid’s Teeth Examined Before They Go Back To School

There's lots that parents get busy with when kids are heading back to school. Food, school supplies, and new wardrobe items may all be on your list, but what about their teeth? If your child hasn't had their teeth examined and cleaned for a while, there's no better time than when they head back to class to get it done. Here's why.

Slipping Habits

When parents and kids aren't on a school and work schedule, sometimes habits can start to slip. This includes managing dental hygiene. While your child has been at home, they've likely been munching snacks, sugary treats, and may not have been brushing their teeth twice a day, or as carefully as they normally would. Going back to school often means the return of these habits, but by then, the damage has already been done. Getting your child's teeth examined and cleaned before school helps to stop any decay in its tracks and can help to remind your child how important dental hygiene really is.

Undiagnosed Problems (Eating at School)

One possible issue that your child could face if you don't get a dental exam may strike while they're eating at school. Most children eat lunch at school, and many more have breakfast there, too. Unfortunately, this is many hours away from home when your child can't reach out for support if anything happens. In other words, if there's something wrong with your child's teeth now that hasn't been caught, it could come to a head while they're eating at school. Broken fillings and damaged enamel can both cause pain and irritation while your child is trying to eat, and it may get worse if they can't get help for it for several hours after their meal. It's better to discover these problems and to have them fixed before they head in.

New Sealants

Finally, it's a good idea to get your child dental sealants before they head to school. These sealants can help to keep teeth decay at bay, which is particularly helpful when your child can't brush during all those hours in class. Dental sealants are harmless, affordable, and can serve as an extra layer of protection to reduce your child's risk of getting cavities. If they don't have sealants or have had theirs for several years, there's no better time than now to get new sealants.

If your child hasn't been to see the dentist in a while, it's a good idea to set aside from time before it starts up to get their teeth checked out. Make the appointment now with a pediatric dentist to ensure schedule availability.