Something Stuck Between Your Teeth? Here’s What You Can Do

The spaces between your teeth can sometimes be tight and difficult to floss. When something sticks between your teeth, such as a piece of meat, flossing can be even more taxing on you. You want to remove the pieces of food before they affect your teeth and gums. Remove the stubborn pieces of food from between your teeth with the methods below.

Flush Out the Food

Although not all foods contains acid, many do. Other types of food can encourage bacteria to grow in your mouth, especially if pieces become stuck between your teeth. Acid can break down your tooth enamel and bacteria can irritate your gums. Both problems can cause permanent damage to your oral health. 

Try using a water pick to forcibly flush the food particles from between your teeth. Set the device on high, then place the head of the pick just above the stuck pieces of food. Slowly move the pick's head up and down until the food dislodges. You can also point the head of the pick directly over the stuck pieces of food to dislodge them.

If you successfully dislodge the food particles, brush and floss your teeth right away. Rinse your mouth with tepid water to complete the flushing. If the pick fails to remove the food and you develop a gum infection or toothache, visit an emergency dental care center right away. 

Visit an Emergency Dental Provider

Once bacteria infect your gums and roots, the germs could cause periodontal disease. If bacteria entered your gum tissue or spread to your teeth roots, a dentist will need to physically clean your mouth to keep the infection in check. 

If you still experience aches in your teeth after the cleaning, a dentist may apply pain-relieving medications directly to your gums. You may also take a mild over-the-counter pain reliever to ease your toothache. However, you want to consult with an emergency dentist about your medications before you take them. Some medications may cause drowsiness, upset stomach, and malaise if they're too strong or irritating. 

You can prevent food from sticking between your teeth by eating softer items. Boiling your meat and produce can help soften their texture. Also, chew slowly and take smaller bites when you dine. Large pieces of food may take longer to chew or stick between your teeth. If you struggle to keep food out of your teeth, see a dentist for advice.

If food keeps sticking between your teeth, call or visit a dentist soon. You may even want to get in touch with a dental emergency care professional.