Top Reasons To Schedule A Dental Visit

Dentists recommend semi-annual visits as a form of preventative care for teeth, but there are other times in the year that you may also need to visit a dentist. If you have a problem with your mouth or teeth, you should see a dentist. Here are some of the top reasons people go to the dentist at times other than their regular checkups.

A Major Change in Sensitivity

If you suddenly feel a major change in the level of sensitivity you feel, there could be a problem. Sensitivity with teeth tends to be a common problem, but this is a problem that gradually occurs. You should not instantly feel a lot of sensitivity with a tooth if you had no prior feelings like this. If this happens to you, call a dentist.

Soreness or Bleeding With Gums

The gums in your mouth should not bleed or swell, nor should they feel sore. If you are now experiencing these symptoms with your gums but never did before, you should see a dentist. You might have gingivitis, which is the first level of gum disease. If you do, you will need treatment for it quickly before it worsens.

Dry Mouth or Bad Breath

You should also consider a visit to the dentist if you are having problems with dry mouth or bad breath. In many cases, these two issues go hand in hand. If you have one, then you likely have the other. If you started a new medication, this is the likely cause of these issues. If you did not start a new medication, then you will need to figure out why this is happening.

Jaw Pain

People often visit a dentist, too, when they start experiencing jaw pain. Jaw pain is the common result of a condition called temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. If you can treat this when it begins, you might have a better chance avoiding problems with it in the future.

Dental Emergency

Finally, if you experience any type of dental emergency, you should not hesitate to call a dentist. Dental emergencies include the loss of a permanent tooth, a loose filling, a toothache, and a crack in a tooth. You will need professional help if you experience any problem like these.

If you do not have a regular visit scheduled soon but are experiencing a problem like one listed here, contact a dental clinic today to make an appointment with a local dentist.