4 Tips To Help Your Child Survive Their First Week With Braces

Getting braces can be very exciting for a kid. They may be excited to get braces like the other kids in their class and focus on the color of the bands they want to pick. You know that braces will help to correct your child's tooth alignment and support their overall oral health, setting them up to have a beautiful smile for their lifetime. Your kid may struggle with soreness and discomfort during their first week with braces. Here are four tips to help your child survive their first week with braces.

Keep wax handy.

Your child will not be used to the hardware of the braces making contact with the tissues in their mouth. They may develop sores as they get used to their braces. Stock up on the wax provided by the dentist. Apply the wax to the brackets and hardware that are irritating your child's mouth. Make sure that you tell your child to wash their hands before applying the wax as well.

Have them rinse with salt water.

Another way to soothe your child's sore mouth is to have them rinse with a warm salt water solution. Rinsing with salt water helps to soothe the soft tissues in your child's mouth. The salt water rinse also promotes healing because it helps to keep your child's mouth clean. Have them rinse with salt water several times a day as needed. In order to make the salt water solution, simply add half a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm salt water.

Offer a variety of soft food.

During the first few days with braces, your kid may find it uncomfortable to chew. Stock up on a variety of soft foods that will be easy for your child to chew. Also, make sure that you avoid sticky foods that can get stuck in the brackets of your child's braces. Avoid hard, crunchy foods like raw carrots, popcorn, and pistachios. Instead, offer your child a variety of softer foods like avocados, soups, and pastas. Of course, ice cream is a soft food you and your child will both agree on.

Use over-the-counter medication.

Your child will likely be sore for the first few days with braces. It will be an unusual experience for them. They will feel as though their braces are sticking out and their cheeks will hurt from coming into contact with the brackets. You can treat some of the discomfort with over-the-counter pain relief medication. Make sure to administer the dosage as directed by the label and consult with your child's dentist or doctor if needed.

For more information, consult an orthodontist.