3 Things To Know About The Cavity Removal Process

When you visit a dental office for a routine checkup, you might leave knowing that you have a cavity. A cavity is decay found on a tooth, and it is something your dentist will suggest removing. Removing a cavity is a common dental procedure that does not take long to complete, and it is something you should schedule when you find out you have one. If you have not had a cavity removed in many years, here are three things you should know.

How It Works

The process of removing a cavity is a standard routine for dentists. In fact, cavity removal is one of the most common procedures that dentists offer. When a dentist removes a cavity, they perform the procedure in four main steps:

  1. Numb your mouth, so you do not feel any pain
  2. Drill out the decay from the tooth
  3. Prepare the tooth for a filling
  4. Fill the hole with a filling material

When you leave the clinic, your cavity will be gone, and you will have a filling there instead.

Why You Should Have a Cavity Removed

When you find out about the cavity, you might wonder if you can ignore it and leave the cavity in your tooth. While you could ignore it and leave it, this is not the best option to choose. Leaving a cavity in a tooth can create many problems. First, the cavity could eat more of your tooth structure, leaving your tooth severely damaged. Secondly, the cavity could allow bacteria to spread into the roots, leaving you in need of a root canal. You will spend more money and put yourself at risk for a lot of pain if you leave the cavity.

What You Might Feel Afterward

Getting a cavity filled will require going through the numbing process. The numbing process blocks the pain from the procedure, allowing the dentist to complete the job. After the numbing wears off, you might feel slight pain in the tooth due to the procedure. You might also notice more sensitivity with this tooth for the next few weeks. Within a month, you should not feel any pain, discomfort, or sensitivity with this tooth.

If you take care of your teeth and fix the problems your dentist finds, you will have a healthier mouth. You can contact a dental clinic to schedule an appointment if you have not visited a dentist in the last six months.