What Are The Benefits Of Getting Veneers?

Dental veneers are basically pieces of porcelain, and occasionally composite resin, that are placed over the front of the teeth. By masking your real teeth, they can camouflage issues from stained teeth to chipped teeth. But what are the benefits of veneers? Take a look:

Veneers do not require surgery or extensive dental work

Before applying veneers, your dentist will abrade away a thin layer of your tooth enamel. This helps the veneer stick, and it also makes a little more space for the veneer. The veneer is then cemented to your tooth. This process is so much simpler and less invasive than getting a crown or having any sort of dental surgery. There's no anesthesia to worry about and no risk of bleeding.

Veneers can be made to look natural or less natural, depending on your preferences

One of the great things about veneers is that you can choose how they look. If you want a really natural look, your dentist can make the veneer a little less bright, and nobody will ever know you have veneers when they look at you. If you want a more dramatic look, you can go for the brighter, whiter look. It's all up to you. If you decide to change your look one day, you can get new veneers.

Veneers hide multiple problems at once

Most people desiring a cosmetic dental procedure have more than one tooth problem they're worried about. Maybe, for example, you have a chipped front tooth and some staining on another one of your teeth. You could go through a series of whitening procedures and also have the chip repaired — or you could just get veneers, and everything would be done at once. Most people feel that the less time they spend in the dental chair, the better, so being able to kill two birds with one stone is a real advantage.

Veneers are easy to care for

The only thing you really need to avoid after getting veneers is biting into anything that's really hard and crunchy. And actually, it's a good idea to avoid eating these things even without veneers. You can brush and floss your teeth like normal, and eat pretty much anything else without hassle.

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, talk to a cosmetic dentist. They are not just for celebrities. They offer a wide range of benefits for anyone without perfect teeth.