4 Reasons to Invest in a Led Teeth Whitening Lamp for Your Dental Practice

Many people want brighter, whiter teeth. As a dentist, you can please your patients and increase your revenue by adding teeth whitening services to the list of dental procedures you provide. Professional teeth whitening solutions can offer patients the strongest stain-lifting treatment available. LED lights can be an integral part of this treatment. Here are four reasons to invest in a LED teeth whitening lamp for your dental practice:

1. Cut Down on the Amount of Time That Patients Spend in the Dental Chair.

Teeth whitening procedures utilize hydrogen peroxide to dissolve stains on patients' teeth. During the procedure, a teeth whitening solution is painted onto the surface of the teeth, where it is allowed to sink in and penetrate the tooth enamel. Once inside the tooth enamel, the teeth whitening solution will dissolve the molecules that stains are made of. LED lights can facilitate this process by speeding up the action of the hydrogen peroxide. As a result, patients can get the results they desire without spending as much time in the dental chair.

2. Lighten Teeth Several Shades in One Sitting. 


An LED teeth whitening lamp can allow dentists to provide more whitening action from a single treatment. With the aid of LED lights, you can lift the color of your patients' teeth several shades in a single sitting. This means that even patients who desire dramatically whiter teeth can leave your office satisfied.

3. Keep Your Patients Safe by Avoiding Harmful UV Lights. 

Teeth whitening solution can be activated by light. In the past, dentists used ultraviolet light to activate the teeth whitening solution. However, the use of ultraviolet rays carries many health risks. UV light is linked to skin cancer, which can be a problem even for oral tissue. LED lights are a safe alternative. Additionally, LED lights offer a longer lifespan than other types of bulbs, which means that your LED light teeth whitening lamp is an investment that can last.

4. Easily Maneuver Your Led Teeth Whitening Lamp.

LED teeth whitening lamps are made to assist dentists during teeth whitening procedures. They are perfectly contoured to fit inside a patient's mouth, and they can easily be moved around your office with the aid of a wheeled base. Teeth whitening lamps are user-friendly for dentists and dental assistants alike. LED teeth whitening lamps are also designed for maximum comfort, so your patients can relax and feel good about their teeth whitening treatment.