All About Dental Plaque

You have probably heard of the dangers of dental plaque. Below is an overview of the dental problem so you can better prevent it. What It Is and How It Forms Plaque is a sticky substance that covers the surfaces of the teeth, primarily between the surfaces between adjacent teeth. Plaque is primarily made up of different forms of bacteria. Plaque forms when you frequently leave bits of food, mainly carbohydrates, on your teeth. Read More 

Three Tips To Help Your Child Deal With Orthodontic Anxiety

Dental anxiety is common in children and adults alike, which can be a difficult obstacle to navigate when your child needs braces. Helping your child cope with their fear can be a long process, but there are several steps you can take to help them feel safe, comfortable, and communicative when they need to go to the orthodontist. Find an Orthodontist Your Child Likes One of the best ways to help your child with their fear is to let them see an orthodontist they can get along with and one who makes them feel comfortable. Read More 

Top Tips For The Best Toothbrush Maintenance

Do you ever think about toothbrush maintenance? Most people do not. They just simply brush their teeth each day and go on about their business. The truth is, though, that taking care of your toothbrush is important. If you want to start doing this, here are five tips to consider using to help you care properly for your toothbrush. Store It in a Dry Spot If you place your toothbrush in a sealed container, it will never get a chance to dry out. Read More 

Risk Factors For Peri-Implant Diseases

Peri-implant diseases occur when microbes attack the tissues around the implant. The diseases trigger tissue inflammations, slow down the healing process, and increase the risk of implant failure. Below are some risk factors for peri-implant diseases. Poor Oral Hygiene Poor oral hygiene is a huge risk for peri-implant disease. If you don't keep your mouth clean, the organic debris in your mouth (food remains) feed bacteria that grow and multiply. The bacteria can migrate to the implant site and interfere with the healing process. Read More 

Correcting A Smile With Braces And Veneers

Are you ready to do something about your smile that is not as perfect as it could be? If so, you have some options to fix it. Two common procedures used to fix your teeth are braces and dental veneers. Here is what you need to know about both of these procedures so you can decide which one is best. Using Braces The reason you would want to use braces is if you need to adjust where each tooth is positioned in your mouth. Read More