Reasons That Dentists Extract Teeth

The permanent teeth you have in your mouth are important, and dentists generally do not extract teeth unless necessary. When a dentist can fix a tooth, they would prefer fixing it rather than removing it. There are times, though, when dentists must extract teeth. Getting a tooth removed is a major procedure, and here are some of the main reasons that dentists extract teeth. Reasons Kids Need Extractions In some cases, dentists remove teeth from children, and they do this for various reasons. Read More 

Determining How Many Units Of Botox Are Necessary

Botox injections are measured based on units, more specifically, units of botulinum molecules, which is an essential element in these injections. The greater the number of units, the greater the strength of the injection, and the lower, the opposite. In order for an injection to target the specific area the right way and look natural, a precise number of units must be injected. Naturally, the common question is — how many units are necessary? Read More 

Are Dental Veneers Right For You?

When it comes to your teeth, dental veneers can correct a number of cosmetic imperfections. Veneers can smooth out the appearance of ridged, textured teeth. They can correct teeth that are too long or misshapen. They can also cover up stained teeth, saving you money on teeth whitening treatments. A cosmetic dentist can apply dental veneers. Here are four things patients should keep in mind when deciding if veneers are right for them: Read More 

What Makes Dental Cleanings Necessary for Good Oral Health?

People are usually taught to brush their teeth at an early age. They use that knowledge over the years and often continue to take care of their teeth as they get older. While brushing does a lot for the teeth, such as removing surface stains and getting rid of both bacteria and food debris, it is not the only thing that people should do to keep their teeth healthy. Along with brushing at home and using floss to get rid of any plaque and food, dental cleanings in the dentist's office are a necessity. Read More 

What Can Your Family Dentist Learn About Your Discolored Gums?

Your family dentist will do much more than just clean your teeth and remove decay. He or she will inspect the tissues inside your mouth. And, your dental professional can tell a lot about your oral health just by inspecting your gums. Gum discoloration will be noted, and this may indicate to the dentist that you have a specific oral issue. Keep reading to learn about some discoloration issues and why they occur. Read More